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musical growth that sticks

Have you ever been in this scenario? 

You sit down to practice and spend most of your time playing a few hard spots of music over and over, and it gets better! You feel *awesome* and pack up for the day. The next day, you feel so ready to be just as good, but quickly feel frustrated that the progress hasn't stuck. What happened?


As professionals, we've been there and have spent years finding the best ways for progress to stick.

Lucky for you, we love sharing this knowledge! Check out the VCA Fall 2020 offerings below or drop us a note to be in touch directly. 

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These six-week sessions are offered at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Each one-hour class focuses on teaching students to achieve their best tone, technique, and articulation. Enrollment includes one private lesson with Kristen or Rucha, as well as a PDF workbook that we'll use during each class. Everyone can receive extra help during our virtual office hours! 

Check out our Fall Sessions and see which one is right for you. 

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Looking for real-time, one-on-one guidance? Sounds like you'd enjoy a private lesson! In these sessions, we cover a range of material that will address fundamental aspects of your playing, as well as solos, etudes, or other pieces. Offered by both Kristen and Rucha, you're sure to leave a stronger player!


Learn more about lessons

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