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Ready to ​start strong this school year? Took some extra time off from practicing this summer? Want to get into great habits in a fun and encouraging environment?  Sound like you'd love a VCA Group Class!


Become a stronger player in a group beginner, intermediate, or advanced class. Over the course of six weeks, we'll work together to learn new skills, review familiar ones, and have lots of fun!

Classes run between September 28th and November 6th and include:


  • Six weeks of one-hour group Zoom classes that are recorded for future viewing.

  • A PDF workbook of all the exercises we'll work on together, as well as challenges to push you outside of class. 

  • One private lesson with a VCA Instructor during your session. 

  • Bonus materials such as demonstration videos and additional exercises.

  • Weekly Zoom office hours where you can ask for extra help.

  • Email support and encouragement from us whenever you need it!

Read more below to see which class is right for you, or send us an email to find the best fit! 

enrollment is now open! all classes are $250 and take place from 7 - 8pm edt.

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Success in a VCA Group Class requires some of the same material regardless of which class you take this fall. These items are: 


  • A clarinet, mouthpiece, and ligature in good, working condition

  • Four or more reeds to rotate throughout the week

  • Access to a reliable internet connection 

  • Technology (phone, tablet, or computer) to access Zoom

  • A tuner and metronome for personal practicing

  • A can-do attitude and the desire to become a better clarinetist!

Continue scrolling for class descriptions, pre-requisites for each section, and enroll*. Not sure which section is right for you? Send us note! 

*please note that each class needs a minimum of 5 students.


Clarinet 101: Ready to gain confidence and learn all about clarinet? Clarinet 101 is for you! We will review embouchure and hand position, learn the basics of articulation, develop confidence in note-reading, and learn all the notes in the chalumeau (lowest) register. 

This class meets every Tuesday at 7pm EDT from 9/29 through 11/3.



  • Some basic instruction on clarinet (in school or private lessons)

  • Ability to assemble/disassemble the clarinet independently 

  • Ability to fasten the reed to the ligature without supervision

  • Ability to form an embouchure and make basic sounds 

  • Understanding of basic note note-reading and recognition

  • Motivation to practice 20 or more minutes per day

*Please note that this class is not true beginners at this time. We feel strongly that the very beginning of learning clarinet is best done with a teacher who can provide one-on-one guidance. If you are just starting clarinet, that's awesome! Please consider connecting with a private teacher in your area or signing up for private lessons through VCA.

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Clarinet 201: Already comfortable with the basics and want to take it to the next level? You're ready for Clarinet 201! This class will focus on introducing the alitssimo (highest) register, learning new scales, and developing excellent articulation. 

This class meets every Wednesday at 7pm EDT from 9/30 through 11/4.


  • Ability to play comfortably up to clarion C (thumb plus register key)

  • Comfortable playing the scales that start on F, G, and Bb scales two octaves 

  • Familiarity with two or more scales that start on C, D, A, and Eb

  • Some familiarity with the chromatic scale

  • Ability and motivation to practice 30 to 45 minutes per day


Clarinet 301: Ideal for motivated students looking for a clarinet challenge! This class will focus on refining tone control, expanding range, developing familiarity with minor scales, and increasing articulation speed.

This class meets every Thursday at 7pm EDT from 10/1 through 11/5.


  • Ability to play comfortably up to altissimo G

  • Familiarity with all full-range major scales and chromatic

  • Solid understanding of articulation

  • Ready to work on articulation speed

  • Discipline to practice 45 minutes per day (minimum)


Hi! We're Kristen and Rucha.


We co-founded Virtual Clarinet Academy in May 2019 with the goal of making clarinet instruction available to eager clarinetists everywhere. 

We are both passionate teachers and maintain large private studios in our communities. With years of experience teaching elementary through college-level students, we take pride in personalizing learning for each student. 

Learn more about us by clicking on our picture. We can't wait to share our love of clarinet with you!

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