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Since we're friends, I'll let you in on a little secret:


The most efficient way to advance your clarinet playing is to receive one-on-one guidance through private lessons! 

Ok.. clearly this isn't a well-kept secret, but it's still TRUE.


Whether you aspire to perform professionally (hi, I still take lessons!), are picking up the instrument for the first time, or are returning to music after taking some time off, there is no substitute for working one-on-one with a dedicated private instructor who is invested in YOU and how to help you succeed.

If you're ready to feel confident in your ability while receiving positive feedback, guidance, and encouragement tailored specifically to your current ability and goals, you're in the right place.


...can't I just learn from YouTube?

I know, I know... you can find a clarinet video explaining just about anything. 


Trust me - I’ve done the same thing MANY times!


BUT, there are limits to what we can learn from just videos alone.


Videos can’t see that your pinkies are locked straight and causing uneven technique. Or identify that your reed strength is too soft and holding you back. Or check in with you during the week to see how your assigned material is progressing.


The truth is that while there is a wealth of knowledge available for infinite replay, none of that was designed specifically for YOU. 

My job as your instructor is so much more than teaching you individual aspects of playing the clarinet: it's to synthesize your strengths, deficiencies, learning style, and goals to create your unique roadmap to achievement.

I'm not one to brag, but...

Can I shout out my students for a second? Because y’all, they are truly AMAZING.


Here's what they've achieved in the past few years:

  • Top chairs in All-State Ensembles

  • 100% Studio Placement into 2021 All-Region Band

  • Outstanding Soloist recognition at Texas All-State Solo Competition and Region Solo Competitions

  • Acceptance to Texas Christian University, University of North Texas, and Baylor University as Music Performance Majors

  • Placement into Greater Dallas Youth Orchestras

With lessons through Virtual Clarinet Academy, you can expect flexibility, organization, and above all: a student-centered approach.


No two lesson experiences are the same because no two students are the same. My role as your teacher is to understand each student’s learning style and create a unique roadmap to achieving your goals.


In addition to our one-on-one time, all lessons include a follow-up with detailed lesson notes and clear expectations for the next lesson, PDFs of fundamentals and supplemental materials hand-selected and tailored to your musical goals, and ongoing support via email.


Current lesson offerings include:

  • A single 30-minute lesson: perfect for students looking for a different perspective from their regular studio teacher or the occasional lesson

  • Weekly 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons: ideal for students looking to see progress quickly and develop successful habits of musicianship


Have additional questions about lessons? Wondering if this is a good fit for you? No worries! You can schedule a free call/trial lesson here. 

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I’m Kristen: VCA co-founder, lover of all things clarinet, and eager to share that knowledge!


This is my THIRTEENTH year teaching privately, and fifth year teaching in a virtual capacity.


I’ve guided clarinetists in the top programs in Texas, as well as students from across the world towards achieving their clarinet goals. My students have ranged in age from elementary learners to college students to adult enthusiasts.

As a teacher, my philosophy is simple: to understand students’ current ability, learning style, and goals, then present them with appropriate challenges in a learning environment that fosters a curiosity for life-long learning. 

My commitment to excellence stems from my own hours in the practice room. Practicing with direction yields results when it comes time to perform!  

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