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take your playing to the next level with Virtual Clarinet Academy

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As experienced clarinet teachers, we know that maintaining good practicing habits during the summer is essential for success in the year ahead. However, this doesn't mean that practicing should feel like a chore!

At Virtual Clarinet Academy, our approach is personalized to each student and their schedule: everyone receives a unique Technique Plan and there are no “meeting” requirements. Students send us video recordings of their playing at their own pace and in return receive detailed, personalized feedback from our instructors

Each student sits down to practice with: 


* Exercises selected for their individual ability that focus on tone, technique, and articulation 

* High-quality demonstration videos and tips for practicing for each exercise

* The ability to ask for help when they get stuck 

* Materials designed to limit screen time 

* Feedback from professionals when they’ve practiced to the best of their ability


THE BEST PART: students can receive unlimited feedback on assigned exercises! We want everyone to be successful in developing their clarinet abilities this summer and know that sometimes you have to ask lots of questions to retain knowledge.

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Hi! We're Kristen and Rucha.


We co-founded Virtual Clarinet Academy in May 2019 with the goal of making specialized instruction available to eager clarinetists everywhere. 

We are both passionate teachers and maintain large private studios in our communities. With years of experience teaching elementary through college-level students, we take pride in personalizing learning for each student. 

Learn more about us by clicking on our picture. We can't wait to share our love of clarinet with you!

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Thank you for visiting Virtual Clarinet Academy! 

Returning for our second summer of Technique Sessions, Virtual Clarinet Academy wants to keep you playing this summer! Each 30-day session focuses on personalized tone, technique, and articulation development. Each student receives personalized, detailed feedback and can receive unlimited feedback on assigned exercises.


Join us to Level Up Your Playing:

 June 15th - July 14th

July 15th - August 14th

Registration is easy and can be completed here. We accept credit cards and PayPal at checkout. 

Interested, but have some questions? No problem! Send us a note

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