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Are you ready to feel as confident managing + marketing your business as you do running through your favorite warm up?

Hey there, private teachers. 

A course for current and future private studio teachers who are ready to stop feeling overwhelmed with administrative tasks and start stepping into ***

Whether you are getting ready to teach your first lessons or have been in the game for awhile and are ready to upgrade your policies + systems, Private Studio 101 will take you step-by-step through how to set the foundation for a successful business, network with confidence, and market yourself with a stand-out online presence.  

  • Eager new studio teachers excited to grow their studio and lay a solid foundation by avoiding common pitfalls from the beginning

  • Current studio teachers feeling drained + overwhelmed by the same administrative tasks every week and ready to upgrade their systems + policies

  • Anyone wanting to grow their studio through organic marketing but unsure how or where to begin

How it Works

Private Studio 101 is a four-week course that consists of weekly, 90-minute live calls. Each week, we’ll cover topics central to building a sustainable private studio business, networking + communication, crafting a stand-out digital presence, and troubleshooting common pitfalls. You’ll have lifetime access to recordings of each lesson as well as a handbook, templates, and spreadsheets to personalize for use with yourself and your students. 


Even though the course is only four weeks, you will have ongoing access to me and support from the Private Studio 101 community for the rest of the school year. Because let’s face it… neither teaching nor running a business is something you have to do alone!


You will leave this course with a foundation of how to set up and run your studio so you can spend this year enjoying sharing music with your students.


Want all the details about Private Studio 101? Check them out here.

  • I’m Kristen: a freelance musician and marketer who has spent the past ten years building my dream private studio. 

  • After my Master’s degree, I did what everyone in Texas does after graduating: start teaching. Within three years, I grew my studio to over 70 students, was juggling the administrative side of running a small business in addition to practicing for gigs and competitions, and squeezing in time with friends.

  • I left school with SO much knowledge about my instrument, but noooo idea on how to manage a studio, network to connect with new schools, or establish an online presence to market myself. 

Have you been there?
If so, I bet you also:

  • Want clear studio policies and practices so that you can be paid on time, work with students who understand your expectations, and not spend hours each week working behind the scenes to manage administrative tasks

  • Are excited about making an impact on young musicians and want to avoid burning out as you spend years figuring out how to build and manage sustainable studio systems

  • Are ready to grow your studio, but are unsure how to network and/or market yourself successfully to build your reputation and connect with new students or colleagues

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