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learn like the pros

Looking to perform your etudes with command and refined skill? Want to be more prepared for lessons, juries, or performances of music, but unsure of how to get there? Let us guide you through the necessary layers of thorough preparation via your choice of the following Cyrille Rose 32 Etudes: 

  • No. 6 - Allegro

  • No. 7 - Allegretto

  • No. 18 - Allegro vivace

  • No. 19 - Adagio

  • No. 20 - Allegro vivace

  • No. 26 - Allegro furioso


Each Etude Guide includes:

  • A fresh, easy to read copy of your selected piece.

  • Clearly labeled etudes with best fingerings, corrected errors, and phrasing suggestions.

  • A 20+ page etude-specific, measure-by-measure guide. This includes musical phrasing suggestions, ideal breathing options, and a detailed, measure-by-measure technical breakdown that will train your fingers/articulation like never before!

  • Written instructions on how to practice new music to facilitate and optimize practice time. These are written to be specific to your selected etude, but are easily transferable to any piece you will learn either concurrently or in the future. 

Want to learn music like a pro? Get started here.

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